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Brand Ambassadors

Dashwood Boat Club - Brand Ambassadors

The Dashwood Boat Club Ambassadors are the essence of our brand. They are successful athletes with a passion for rowing and total determination to succeed.

They are also really good fun and likeable people! You would get on with them, and they honestly do go out and have a good time. Its definitely not all about rowing.

Here is a brief introduction to Alex and Vicky, two good looking people who also happen to be pretty good at rowing.

Alex Gregory MBE - Double World Champion, Olympic Gold Medallist and Dashwood Boat Club Brand Ambassador. Alex lives and trains in Henley and is a member of Leander.



Vicky Thornley - Olympic Finalist and Dashwood Brand Ambassador. Vicky has won numerous medals in the last few years in the World Cup series. She lives and trains in Henley, and is a member of Leander.